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GOLF: Golf de Séraincourt 18-hole golf course

TENNISTennis Club de Meulan Hiver (Lieu-dit Ile Belle)

SAILINGYacht Club de l'Ile de France situé aux Mureaux 

HORSE-RIDINGÉcuries le Carre Bleu (Hardricourt)

SWIMMING POOL: Piscine Intercommunale de l'Eaubelle 


We are a 40-minute train ride from Paris (Paris St Lazare) 

  • Musée du Louvre,

  • Musée d'Orsay,

  • Le Centre Pompidou (Beaubourg)



  • Le Musée d'Art Moderne (Le Palais de Tokyo)

  • Le Musée des Arts Premiers (du Quai Branly))




Les Yvelines is one of the largest French départements but more importantly one of the richest in terms of monuments, castles and historical sites. Located in the North of the département, our guest house is about 20-30 km to all these magical and un-missable touristic sites:


  • Versailles's castle and its Gardens: residence of the French kings Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, erected to glorify French monarchy. 

  • St Germain-en-Laye's forest and castle that hosts the Museum of Archeology and the Kings kitchen garden 

  • Thoiry's castle, gardens, park and famous Reserve Africaine

  • Marly-Le-Roi's park and the Museum of Promenade. Marly-le-Roi was Sun King Louis XIVs favourite park when he wanted to escape Versailles and needed a little intimacy. It was also the location of the Château de Marly, the famous leisure residence which was destroyed after the French Revolution. The park of the now destroyed château has been restored with its waterways and lawns

  • Poissy and the maison Savoye erected by le Corbusier in 1931 for the Savoye family as a second home (vacation house) 

  • Giverny and Claude Monets house. With 500,000 visitors in 2010 it is the second most visited site in Normandy after the Mont St Michel. The house gardens have received the label jardin remarquable (literally noteworthy/remarkable garden) by the French Ministry of Culture. 

  • Monte-Cristos castle was Alexandre Dumass house. It was built in 1846 in the lovely city of Port-Marly by architect Hippolyte Durand in a 9 hectare park arranged as an English style garden

  • The city of Médan features both the Château de Maeterlinck and Emile Zolas House: Château de Maeterlinck. 





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